BCM325 Peer Beta Interactions

Approaching the end of semester, a whole lot of BCM325 projects have now entered the digital stratosphere. With a sudden change in structure for my own project, its cool to see how other students’ projects are coming along.

With that being said, below is a collection of my interactions with three peers’ project betas.

First up we have Mai. Mai is doing work with UOW creative, which she highlighted mainly through a contextual video embedded in her blog post. My comment is below:

Hi Mai

This is a cool project! I’ve been seeing UOW Creative pop up over the internet this semester so it’s nice to come across someone who has become part of it. While your video was pretty informative, I would’ve liked to have seen some examples of your specific posts or individual items you’ve worked on just to see here in the blog how they’re progressing, but I’ll keep my eye out on the socials for them!

Next up was Isaac’s DA. Isaac too delivered his update mainly in video format, which was interesting as his idea has changed like mine. Here’s my comment:

Hey Isaac,

I think you’ve made a good idea to shift your idea a bit. I’m interested to see what kind of response you get from creatives themselves as mental health isn’t something a lot of people are really open in talking about. I think your project could have a great positive impact on the community and those struggling with mental health, but it may be a bit of a challenge to find willing interview subjects.
For a previous journalism subject I made a website on which I interviewed some local musicians (https://soundproofbooth.wordpress.com) so if you want any help or contacts or anything let me know!
I look forward to seeing how your project turns out

Last up was Dayle, whose Secluded Cinema DA I’ve been following on Instagram for a couple weeks already. My comment is below

Hey Dayle

It’s good to see your beta post as I’ve been keeping up with your project on Instagram as it goes along! Your video was informative and it was interesting to read you’re sticking to the suggested number of posts a day to gain followers and engagement. I would be interested to know if you think that’s working, or if you’ve noticed any difference in engagement between the times you post?
The only other thing I was going to say is it would’ve been cool to have a couple of your posts embedded in the blog until I realised they were already there at the top of the page, so never mind that I guess.
I’m keen to see how your posts evolve in future!

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