The new Apple Android

Apple IOS has long been in a battle against Android.

However it seems Apple might be starting to take a step in the right direction.

Android allows users to modify the operating system, while IOS users are locked into Apple’s choices and commands.

The newer Iphones however seem to be taking steps towards looking more like Samsung phones, and thus I think we may see IOS start to look more like the Android Operating system in years to come.

While Apple is commonly thought of as the giant of the phone world, it actually isn’t anywhere near first in terms of phone sales. Since that research, Huawei too has overtaken Apple, which now sits in third. Samsung and Huawei both dominate markets in Asia, and both rely on the android operating system.

Perhaps Apple will follow suit to increase their share in the phone sales market.


1 thought on “The new Apple Android”

  1. Hey hey interesting blog post for sure, I’m interested by the point you made about apple’s closed network vs samsung and huawei’s open network, and how that the open networks are reflectively higher in sales. The article you linked is interesting as it actually points out while apple is the third highest in terms of overall sales, in terms of purchasing of a particular model they are still in lead, with the iphone 7 doubling the sales of the highest non-apple model available.

    So, while in terms of overall sales apple is third, their models are still bought in a higher quantity compared to their competitors, who achieve more profit through sheer inundation of models on the market, even if the sales for a single model is far smaller in comparison to the sales of a single apple model. I think therefore, something can still be said for the exclusivity of the apple network, as apples fall the third is less about other networks being preferred and more about there simply being more of other phones on the market vs the one or two apple models at any given moment.

    Huawei overtaking apple also has a much wider set of reasons than simply being an open network. It’s sales are concentrated in china, as it is a chinese brand and therefore pushed by the chinese government like many other local products, and also caters to the chinese market. Interestingly according to the article you linked it’s oversees sales are sluggish, suggesting it may only have a niche at home? (https://www.counterpointresearch.com/huawei-led-china-smartphone-market-top-four-chinese-brands-captured-record-67-share-2017/)

    (PS. the gif was hilarious, nice work)


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